Traveler's Service

Corporate Travel Overview

At Traveler's Service Company, our goal is to take your company, no matter its size, and build for you a customized travel solution that translates into significant hard dollar savings and a simplified travel process for all of your employees.


Our #1 mission is to maximize your travel savings, and we work hard to achieve that goal for you. Our extensive negotiated discounts, industry connections, experienced staff, and advanced technologies allow us to save our clients an average of over 20% on their yearly travel expenses.

Learn how we do it here.


If you book your own travel, how much time do you usually spend online searching out the lowest fares and the best travel times?

And when was the last time your flight was delayed and you missed your connection, or your flight was canceled last-minute while you were at the airport?

In each of these situations, one 5-minute phone call to our reservation center would have been all you needed to make.  Our agents are experts at finding the best-priced flights that fit with your needs and travel preferences.  And when plans need to be changed on-the-go due to canceled or delayed flights, we can work everything out for you, at any hour of the day, and even instantly send you an updated itinerary directly to your Blackberry or smartphone.

To put it simply, we do all the hard work so that you get to relax.

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